1103 Bridlewood Drive, Brockville

($) 489,900.00


Excellence has an address and you’ll find it here in the Northend! It’s all about style, comfort and confidence, confident that you’re getting the best your hard earned money can buy! You’ll love everything about this home, it’s top notch as far as location because it’s Bridlewood, a community of Brockville’s finest newer homes. There’s nothing understated in this home, from the interlocking driveway to its all brick exterior, and you’ll marvel at the lot with its wooded backdrop, it’s one of the most impressive lots in the subdivision. The interior is an interpretation of quality design and craftsmanship and both floors allow for spaciousness, while both enjoy fireplaces dedicated to a second source of heating. Imagine there’s a room created where the outdoors becomes a part of your indoors. It’s fitted with windows and screened for your seasonal enjoyment. It’s had immeasurable care given by the owner and the wish is to find someone who’ll love the years spent here as much as she as.